Art Music Denmark offers advice and supports musicians working within new music composition, classical music and sound art.

Art Music Denmark offers free advice and consultations to musicians, composers, arrangers, distributors, venues and other cultural institutions operating within our musical genres. Consultations can take place in-person during office hours or via telephone and email. 

We offer advice on subjects such as: 

  • Project management
    Promotion and press
  • Collaborations and networking
  • Touring in Denmark and internationally
  • Funding applications

…and much more – you are always welcome to get in touch.

Please note! 
Art Music Denmark cannot offer advice regarding contracts or other legal matters.

Music consultants

Our advisory team is made up of three music consultants, each responsible for one of our three genre areas:

Contemporary Music

Regin Petersen

Director and Consultant
+45 31 52 86 17

Regin trained as a composer at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, among other institutions. His former roles include director of KLANG festival as well as many years as an entrepreneur, producer and much more.

What can Regin help with? 
Regin can assist you with diverse questions regarding the field of new composition music, drawing from his diverse experiences within management, concert and festival production, entrepreneurship, fund applications and organisational work in the field. As a composer, he also has many years of experience creating art and music. 

Classical Music

Catherine Lefebvre

Project Manager and Consultant
+45 26 19 70 55

Catherine has a Master of Arts in History of Ideas from the University of Aarhus, a Master of Philosophy from the Sorbonne, Paris and has also received qualifications in international fund work from INSEAD and literature from New York University. She also has a background as a curator, Danish professor, specialist consultant and museum director.

What can Catherine help with?
Catherine can assist you with diverse questions regarding classical music, drawing on her vast experience and expertise to advise on formats, structures, fundraising, networking and residencies. As an executive curator, Catherine has significant insights into the process of developing, editing and implementing projects.

Sound Art

Rune Søchting

Project Manager and Consultant
+45 53 73 90 02

Rune received his education at the University of Copenhagen and has many years experience with artistic projects within fields such as visual art, electronic music composition and curation. He has a Ph.d from the University of Copenhagen with a project at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He has also been a professor, coordinator, mentor and entrepreneur. 

What can Rune help with?
With his vast experience within art, curation and research within sound and electronic music, Rune can assist with your questions about sound art, production, entrepreneurship and organisational processes.

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