Art Music Denmark – formerly Snyk was founded on the 10th of April, 2000, on the initiative of several bodies including the Danish Composer’s Society and Danish Musicians’ Union. 

The aim of Snyk was originally to create an organisation that could unify the sector for new composition music. Several bodies were involved in founding the organisation and made up its representation. 

Snyk – an abbreviation of Sekretariatet for Ny Kompositionsmusik (secretariat for contemporary music) changed its name to Art Music Denmark in 2022.

A focus on new music
From the beginning, Art Music Denmark was tasked with representing composers, musicians, arrangers and distributors of contemporary music. The aim was for Art Music Denmark to become the key organisation for all professionals and actors within this music genre. Art Music Denmark also sought to promote contemporary music to the wider public, as well as collect and disseminate information and seek involvement from diverse groups and organisations.

Art Music Denmark receives more resources and responsibility
In 2002, Art Music Denmark’s grant from the then-National Music Council increased to 700.000 DKK.

That same year, Art Music Denmark was awarded responsibility for the Danish Music Information Centre’s (MIC) “Works Database.” We have since registered and described approximately 17.000 compositions created by Danish composers since 1980.

After MIC closed in 2003, its special music collection was transferred to the library of the Institute of Musicology at the University of Copenhagen while phonograms and tape recordings were transferred to the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus, where the documentation collection is kept.

The update of MIC’s works database ceased in 2010. The database is however still accessible here.

Operating agreement and a new festival
In 2006, Art Music Denmark entered its first operating agreement with the Danish Arts Council’s Music Committee. As part of the agreement, that same year Art Music Denmark organised the music festival Wundergrund – which has since changed its name to G((o))ng Tomorrow.

International focus 
From 2006 onwards, Art Music Denmark increased its international focus. In 2008, the organisation took over the management of the international travel support ‘Tilskud til international transport’ from the Music Council, from which Art Music Denmark distributes grants to Danish and foreign artists.

In 2009, Art Music Denmark’s grant increased to 2.4 million DKK, with added support from foundations and sponsors. Altogether, Art Music Denmark had a budget slightly over 3 million DKK.

G((o))ng Tomorrow continues
In 2020, it was decided to carry out the festival in a new way. The festival now functions within a new framework with the Alice Foundation as the driving force.

Art Music Denmark today
From 1 January 2021, classical music was added to Art Music Denmark’s scope – bringing the organisation’s total focus areas up to three music genres: contemporary music, classical and sound art.

The overall responsibility for Art Music Denmark sits with the board, which employs the secretariat to run the day-to-day management, headed up by the director. The secretariat also consists of several music consultants and project managers as well as a communication manager, a system- and process developer whom also is the fond secretary and other project leads.

Art Music Denmark is financed primarily by an operating allowance from the Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Music Project Funding, while additional grants and its own earnings also contribute significantly to its operations. Today, Art Music Denmark has a budget of 4.7 million DKK.

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