Danish Music

Information about Danish sheet music and musical works.

Danish music publishers
No single comprehensive overview of Danish musical works exists. Information on (especially!) contemporary Danish musical works can be obtained by contacting the Danish music publishers. The publishers’ websites typically contain detailed information about the publishers’ works and composers. The largest Danish music publishers are:

The Composer Base
However, many Danish composers are not signed with a publisher. Typically, information about these composers’ works can be found directly on the composers’ own websites. The Danish Composers Society has developed a comprehensive list (only in Danish) of Danish composers with a link to their website:

Works Database 
In 2002, Art Music Denmark was given responsibility for the Danish Music Information Center’s (MIC) ‘Works Database’ where almost 16,000 Danish musical works are registered and described (only in Danish). The works were created by Danish composers in the period 1916-2006:

Updating of the database ceased in 2010. Get further information about Danish musical life in general by contacting Art Music Denmark.

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