Art Music Denmark (formerly known as Snyk) is the Danish national organisation for contemporary music, classical and sound art.

Art Music Denmark is a network-based specialist organisation with the aim of supporting creative professionals within our selected music genres. We do this by offering advice and consulting, developing projects and offering international travel subsidies, among other activities. 

Purpose and vision
Art Music Denmark’s purpose – in partnership with other organisation is to elevate and further develop the Danish music sector, and promote Danish music abroad. Art Music Denmark also promotes knowledge-sharing between relevant parties.

Art Music Denmark focuses on contemporary music, classical and sound art, but acknowledges that traditional genre labels do not reflect the reality of how music evolves today. Therefore, Art Music Denmark’s focus areas should be understood as a spectrum of independent and interconnected music environments and genres, each with their own unique characteristics.

Art Music Denmark’s vision is for the organisation to function as a network-based organisation dedicated to development and expertise, which strengthens conditions within its music genre areas for the benefit of the professionals working within it, as well as the wider world. It sees itself as a partner to professionals and diverse stakeholders within its music genre areas.

Based on its current and in-depth knowledge of its focus areas, Art Music Denmark can operate as a sparring partner, facilitator or catalyst to spark new ideas and projects. The priority is to foster sustainable music environments and to step up in areas where Art Music Denmark can truly make a difference.

In 2021, Art Music Denmark entered a four-year agreement with the Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Music Project Funding, whereby the current 2022-2025 strategy has been informed on the basis of this agreement.

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