Musicians selected for residency at Elvermose

Photo: Agita Reke and Ana Bermúdez

In September, we announced our new collaboration with Elvermose Classical Concerts and Ensemble Storstrøm, where classical musicians could apply for a residency at Elvermose. We’ve been positively surprised by the many applications and have therefore closed for further applications for now.

Following our open call, two musicians have now been selected for the residency. We’re very happy to announce that the selected applicants are Sofie Meyer and Elena Perales Andreu.

Sofie Meyer tells about their plans for the residency:

“New research has highlighted that chorals, which are sensitive to sunlight, seem to shift their color in order to protect themselves from sunbeams. This mechanism is the primary inspiration for our project.

We wish to seek an artistic expression for fragility and for using colors as shelter. We intend to create three audiovisual works with structures incorporating algorithms based on cellular automata choral-rules. These rules seek to imitate the development and survival of choral’s cells. Our works will be based on simulation of how chorals expand and form themselves.

Parts of the piece have previously been performed in Oslo and Stockholm, but we’ve applied for this residency in order to piece together the whole concert piece. In order to do this, we need time and peace, so going on this residency will be very helpful. We also reside in two different countries, why the opportunity to spend a week in the same place will really drive the project forward.

“Arbejdsro på Elvermose” is run by Elvermose Classical Concerts and is established in collaboration with Ensemble Storstrøm and Art Music Denmark. The project has received funding from The Danish Arts Foundation.

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