Art Music Denmark at Impuls Festival

Photo: Art Music Denmark (performance fra festivalen)

Earlier this month, Art Music Denmark participated in Impuls Festival, which we also collaborated with as part of the project NEUSTART.

The German Festival Impuls takes place annually in the old East German city Halle. In 2023, the festival took place with activities in both Halle and Leipzig. The festival presents international new music and sound art, but its ambition is also to examine how one can work with new formats and in different contexts.

Under the title “No time like the present”, the festival sought to open up for reflections about which role art and music could play in a world characterised by crises (not least climate crises) and which calls for action and concrete changes. This was done through a diverse program of concerts, sound art in public spaces, performances, workshops, film screenings and a thematic seminar all day long. Through the curated program of activities and discussions, the festival drew attention to the arts and music as a take-off and focal point for the creation of collective spaces and activistic practices.

The Danish artist Ragnhild May made an artwork for the exhibition in Halle. Art Music Denmark could, within the framework of NEUSTART, also invite two Danish actors to participate in the festival. 

The project is a collaboration between Art Music Denmark and initiative Neue Musik Berlin. The project is  part of NEUSTART and supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, The Ministry of Culture and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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