The Sound Laboratory: Time Capsule

Photo: Art Music Denmark

Join us on October 11, where you can get insight into Guðjón Andri’s exploration of the creative possibilities of electronic sound equipment from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

The electronic composer Gudjon Andri used to make music exclusively on laptop. But for the last month and a half she has been diving deep into the quirks and possibilities of the old sound equipment in ‘The Sound Laboratory’ in Musikhuset København – discovering interesting stuff about the creative process along the way.

“It has had a great impact on my creative workflow that every process has become really difficult and slowed down. All the changes to a track that I can implement so quickly on the computer take forever on the old machines, so I have to think much more about whether it’s worth it, making this or that tiny modification”, Gudjon says.

On October 11th,  at 19.00-20.30, Gudjon hosts an open lab experience at the studio. She will be working exclusively on the original old machines – with the newest one in the setup being from 1983.

Using signal generators, amplifiers and filters originally intended for acoustic measurements, she’s spent the last few months exploring detachment from the strict pitches and timekeeping of traditional electronic instruments – and experimenting a lot with drift – the interplay that occurs when two or more rhythmic figures are almost synchronized, slowly slipping in and out of sync with each other. The audience at the open lab can expect minimal, dubbed techno over dissonant, hollow soundscapes – and echoes that resonate in infinity.

“I have discovered that when the computer gives me endless opportunities it’s much harder to achieve a concise artistic expression – because I can do anything. I can always just jump onto the next preset or try something completely different if something doesn’t work. But with these machines I have to find the right channel and connect the cables all over again and remember if it was channel 7 or 8 I used before…. and it just makes me try harder to make things work”, Gudjon says. 

You can reserve your tickets here: TICKETS. Be aware that the amount of tickets for the event is very limited.


Musikhuset København

Vesterbrogade 59, 1. floor


October 11


About The Sound Laboratory
‘The Sound Laboratory’  (Lydlaboratoriet) is a project launched by Strøm and Art Music Denmark to preserve and activate old sound equipment and electronic machinery used by the Danish electronic sound artists in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

In this studio, musicians Guðjón Andri and Anton Friisgaard have been experimenting with the machines for three months, exploring the possibilities, the sounds and the musical expressions they can achieve with them. 

Anton Friisgaard hosted the first open lab experience at the studio during this years Strøm Festival (on August 31st 2023)

About the machines
The machines, electronic instruments and sound equipment has been lent to Strøm and Art Music Denmark by sound pioneer Gunner Møller Pedersen (you can experience him and some of his legendary works at our launch event at Glyptoteket on August 31st).

In addition, DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and others have donated several musical devices and machines to the collection as well. The equipment has been collected in cooperation with Maple Pools.

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