Unrelated Narrations: Debate on Kulturmødet Mors 2023

Photo: Art Music Denmark & Dansk Komponistforening

The thinktank Unrelated Narrations is presented as part of the project NEUSTART.

A group of artists concerned with the climate crisis invite you to an unpredictable evening full of dialogue and experience across art, activism, performance and research.

What happens when you move six artists together in an apartment in Berlin for three days and ask them to solve the climate crisis? They don’t know each other in advance and come from places as different as Mexico, Faroe Islands, Argentina and USA. What they do have in common is that they’ve experienced the climate change in different ways: They’re witnesses to violence against ecosystems, they work with the voice of the water levels, disappearing animal sounds and apocalyptic slowness. 

Unrelated Narrations is an artistic thinktank consisting of artists based in Denmark and Germany. As part of a residency during the festival Time to Listen at Akademie der Künste in Berlin, the group tried to find answers to how one can work with the climate crisis and sustainability in sound art. The project is initiated by Art Music Denmark, Danish Composer’s Society and Initiative Neue Musik as part of the collaborative project NEUSTART. 

At Kulturmødet Mors on August 24, 20.00-21.00, you’re invited to join the think tank. The event takes place in Monas Hus, Kulturvejen. 

The participating artists are: Samuel Hertz, Tania Rubio, Marina Cyrino, Miguel Angel Crozzoli, Eduardo Abrantes and Heðin Ziska Davidsen. You can read more about them here (in Danish) and the event here.

You can also experience the event at this year’s Struer Tracks.

The event is in English.

The project is a collaboration between Art Music Denmark, Danish Composer’s Society and Initiative Neue Musik Berlin. The project is a part of NEUSTART and supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, The Ministry of Culture and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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