Work by Veronika Voetmann selected for ISCM World New Music Days 2023

Photo: Marius Budu

Veronika Voetmann’s work ‘Frostbitten’ has been selected for ISCM World New Music Days 2023 in South Africa.

Veronika Voetmann is a versatile cellist and composer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in composition from the Malmö Academy of Music (2023) and has primarily studied under the Swedish composer Rolf Martinsson and the Danish composer Signe Lykke. She has also taken lessons with composers Tobias Broström, Mats Eden and Bent Sørensen. In addition, she is a very active musician, primarily on the contemporary folk and world scene, but she has also made many detours to metal, pop/rock and avant-garde and has performed in several theater productions.

Her latest compositions are often texture-based and it is particularly airy, organic and sometimes fragile sound timbral investigations that recur in her music. In autumn 2023, she will continue her studies with a master’s degree in composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. 

Veronika writes about ISCM: “It is a huge honor to have a work performed at this mammoth of a contemporary festival. So many of my compositional heroes have started their careers right here, and for more than a century the festival has been an indispensable player in the dissemination and transmission of contemporary music. I am very much looking forward to experiencing and being a part of this festival”.

What’s ISCM World Music Days?
ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) is a worldwide association and network for new music and includes more than 50 countries. Art Music Denmark is the Danish section of ISCM. The association held ISCM World New Music Days for the first time in Salzburg in 1923, and since then the project has traveled annually between major cities all over the globe. The host cities in 2023 will be Johannesburg and Cape Town and the festival will take place from 24 November – 3 December.

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