Strengthened international relations and a successful visiting program

Photo: Art Music Denmark

At the beginning of June, Art Music Denmark, in collaboration with KLANG-Festival, Edition Wilhelm Hansen and Edition-S visitor programme, held the annual international visitor programme, where a number of international ensemble- and festival leaders from Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland were invited.

In addition to participation in the concert program of the Klang Festival, an international networking reception was arranged as part of the visiting program, where composers, musicians and ensembles within new music were invited to participate in order to meet our international guests. Aside from a unique opportunity to present composers and artists to a relevant audience, the various networking activities during the visiting program provided the opportunity to build new networks and consolidate existing ones.

In today’s modern and globalized music world, it is of vital importance that professionals within the music industry meet across Europe and establish connections. It is when musicians, composers and industry professionals from different countries come together that the exchange of ideas, the creation of new projects and cultural development are promoted.

Art Music Denmark looks forward to following the new relationships and collaborations that emerged during the visit program and to continuing to create new opportunities for the music industry and promote international collaboration.

The international visiting program in 2023 was supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Koda Kultur/Musikforlæggerne.

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