Join “Kompositionsmesterklassen” during Copenhagen Opeera Festival

Photo: Saga Sig

In collaboration with Art Music Denmark, Copenhagen Opera Festival hosts “Kompositionsmesterklassen”. Learn more about the creative process of classical musicians when Daníel Bjarnason will give insight, inspiration and learning to a new generation of skilled composers. You can now apply for participation, if you are a new composer and/or studying composition.

Bjarnason has handpicked three talents who’ll learn more about composition from him – and the festival audience is invited to join.

Experience how the same text in the hands of three different composers can get completely different expressions. The two-part Kompositionsmesterklasse starts out with a session where Daníel Bjarnason has handed the composers a libretto. The composers will then write a new piece each with the libretto as a starting point.

During the first session of the masterclass, which is closed for the audience, Bjarnason will help his talents with their drafts and guide them in their work with writing a composition for a soloist and a pianist.

When the doors to the workroom get opened for the audience under the second part of the masterclass, the talents will present their work for Bjarnason. And you’ll get a unique and inspiring insight into how composers put both body, soul and many hours into the creation of the works which we all love.

Apply for participation

Do you study composition and/or are you a young composer who’s finished your education within the past 5 years, then you’re able to apply for participation in Kompositionsmesterklassen. Applications have to be sent to and contain motivation as well as two of your compositions. Deadline for application is June 30 – read more here.

The event is presented in collaboration with Art Music Denmark and supported by The Danish Arts Foundation. Read more at Copenhagen Opera Festival’s website.

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