Art Music Denmark hires Anja Nedremo as consultant for musicians and actors working with classical music

We’re happy to announce that we’ve hired Anja Nedremo as consultant for musicians and actors working with classical music.

Anja Nedremo is educated from The Jutlandic Music Conservatory, where she now teaches in classical saxophone and chamber music. She also has a postgraduate degree from Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in Barcelona. Anja has many years experience as both a teacher and mentor, as production manager of concerts and festivals as well as running organisations.

As a consultant working with classical music, Anja’s main tasks will be to offer counselling for professional actors working with the genre in one way or another.

With her diverse background as musician, teacher and project manager working with classical music, Anja can help with general inquiries related to national and international contacts, concert bookings, information about festivals, funding applications and organisational work.

Art Music Denmark is the Danish national organisation for contemporary music, classical and sound art. We’re happy that we, due to Anja, will be able to become even more present outside of Copenhagen, since Anja lives in Jutland and will continue to be working from there as well. Because of her diverse experience and extensive network in the classical music scene, we’re certain that Anja will benefit a broad group of actors in all of Denmark, who’re working with the genre.

Anja starts in April and can be contacted on from April 17.

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