Kunst & Kultur i Balance: Do you want to be a “change-agent”?

Kunst & Kultur i Balance’s (Danish for “Art and Culture in Balance”) work with breaking down the structural barriers and creating broader and better representation and inclusion in the art and culture life continues. Therefore, we offer an online educational course again – and as something new also physical workshops. We have a course for you who hasn’t participated before, but are curious, as well as a course for you who’d like upskilling.

Educational course in the spring

Spring’s educational course is for you who hasn’t yet been part of a previous course. You’ll learn about unconscious bias, why diversity and inclusion are important as well as get tools for how one can work with changes.

The course is online, so you can participate, no matter where you are. The five sessions take place on the following dates:

Thursday, 13th of April 10.00-12.00: Focus on motivation, Clarification of concepts and approaches to creating change

Wednesday, 26th of April 10.00-12.00: Focus on decision making processes and inclusive cultures

Monday, 25th of May, 10.00-12.00: Module for reflection; We discuss questions and experiences

Wednesday, 7th of June, 10-12: Exchange of experiences and next steps

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Note: There’s a limited number of places!

Registration deadline: 11th of April, 12.00

We strongly encourage you to participate in all five sessions, so you’ll get the most out of the educational course. If you already know by now that you’re unable to participate every time, write to Sofie Holst Hansen at sofie@tempi.nu, so we can find a solution that works for you.

Educational course in the fall and physical workshops

Many of you have asked for upskilling. Our educational course in the fall is for all of you who’ve already participated in a course. The education will take place online, and the dates will be announced, as soon as they’re in place.

As something new, we’ll also offer physical workshops across the country in September. In order for you to participate in these workshops, you’ll need to have participated in one of our educational courses, so if you haven’t done so already, then register for the course in spring now. The dates for the physical workshops will be:
Aalborg: Monday, the 25th of September, 12.30-15.30

Aarhus: Tuesday, the 26th of September, 12.30-15.30

Odense: Wednesday, the 27th of September, 12.30-15.30

Copenhagen: Thursday, the 28th of September, 12.30-15.30

In futurum

This year, we’ve collaborated with In forum’s strategic consultants, facilitators and change-agents. In futurum will facilitate both educational courses and the four workshops.

In futurm writes: We specialise in strategic counseling and creating changes centered around circular economy, holistic sustainability, social justice and diversity, equality and inclusion. We’re a small team of strategic consultants, facilitators and change-agents. We’re specialised in rethinking business scenarios, pushing boundaries for organisational development and unfolding complex topics and questions.

Read more about In futurum.

Kunst & Kultur i Balance is the art and culture life’s united movement and ressource, which works with breaking down and creating positive changes in relation to structural barriers, unconscious prejudices and intimidating behaviour.

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