Come to ES21 network event with Art Music Denmark and Sandra Boss

Photo: Sandra Boss

Join us when the network ES21 invites to a meeting at Art Music Denmark on the 16th of March.

The network ES21 invites to a network event on the 16th of March at Art Music Denmark in Musikhuset København. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to hear Regin Petersen, director of Art Music Denmark, tell more about our new visions as well as how you can use us as an actor working with contemporary music, classical or sound art.

The event also involves an artist talk with sound artist and composer Sandra Boss. In her works, she plays with traditions, expectations and habitual ways of listening, which makes the well known appear from new and surprising perspectives. Among other projects, she has created a three metre long accordion and worked with homemade, MIDI-directed pipe-organs. She’s also a part of the cross-aesthetic collective Vontrapp with a focus on installation art. 

Last year, Art Music Denmark launched an open call for proposals to a new, permanent sound art installation in Roskilde as part of the project Lydens Landskab (landscape of Sound), where Sandra Boss and Ina Hjorth Jacobsen’s proposal was chosen.

In relation to a three-year work grant from The Danish Arts Foundation in 2022, it was written about her work that:

“The persistent, sonorous curiosity seems to be a work method which characterises all of her works… Her tightly formed works are hard to categorise, but are weirdly compelling and singular musical sound-universes.”

In other words, expect an inspiring day about sound, method and musical approach.

About ES21

ES21 is a network for the experimental scene with a focus on the innovative music from artpop to avantgarde. The network has existed since 2013 and is open for all members of Koda, who are curious about new inputs and knowledge-sharing in a social context, which both emphasises professional depth and cosiness.

The network is run by Jan Lippert, who also facilitates the network events. If you’re interested in knowing more, you’re more than welcome to contact him via email:

The network event is supported by Danish Composer’s Society and Kode Kultur.


Musikhuset København
Vesterbrogade 59


16th of March, 13.00-15.30
We meet at 13.00 for a bit of lunch in the neighbourhood (more info about the address is coming soon).

Due to catering and a limited capacity, please register here:

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