Thanks to everyone who participated in Lydskatten åbnes!

Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen

Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in “Lydskatten åbnes!” this Sunday and made it such a memorable celebration of Gunner Møller Pedersen.

Last sunday, we had the pleasure of hosting Gunner Møller Pedersen’s 80-year birthday in Musikhuset København in collaboration with Strøm. Both Strøm, Art Music Denmark and Pedersen himself held speeches on the occasion, whereafter the guests could experience five different works by Pedersen, where some of them hadn’t been performed in many years.

On the occasion of the event, the newspaper Politiken brought an exciting interview with Gunner Møller Pedersen in Danish, which can be read here (behind paywall). Seismograf also brought a review of the concerts here.

We’d like to thank all of you who came and made it such a great afternoon in Musikhuset København!

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