Call for works for ISCM 2023 in South Africa

This year the ISCM World New Music Days will be taking place in South Africa, and they are already looking for works to be performed during the festival. Art Music Denmark is the Danish section of ISCM, which means you can apply for free through us. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2023.


What are ISCM World Music Days?
ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) is a worldwide association and network for new music and includes more than 50 countries. The association held ISCM World New Music Days for the first time in Salzburg in 1923, and since then the project has traveled annually between major cities all over the globe.

ISCM 2023 in South Africa
The host cities in 2023 will be Johannesburg and Cape Town and the festival will take place from 24 November – 3 December.

How do I submit my work?
Send your work + application form to with “ISCM 2023” listed in the subject field. The deadline for submission to AMDK is 1 March 2023.


You can submit a maximum of one work per composer to AMDK. In addition, you must indicate which of the festival’s work categories your work falls under. Check the categories here.

The following must be completed in the application (use wetransfer link for heavy files if necessary):

  1. Personal and contact information about the composer.
  2. Work information.
  3. Score attached as PDF. If you don’t have a written score, you can submit video/audio documentation of the work. 
  4. Audio or video recording of the work, if possible. 
  5. Program note or description of the work in English (max 100 words).
    Technical rider.
  6. Short biography of the composer in English (max 100 words).
  7. Portrait photo of the composer (in high resolution).

Applications with missing attachments or information will not be processed.

Alternatively, you can submit your work directly to ISCM World Music Days 2023. In that case, there is an application fee of €53.50 and the deadline is 24 March. Read more about this option here.

Selection of works
The pool of submitted works will be processed by AMDK’s Music Committee. The Music Committee selects six works that AMDK sends to ISCM World New Music Days 2023, whose jury is then obliged to select at least one Danish work to be performed at the festival.

The deadline for submission to AMDK is 1 March 2023

Read more about World New Music Days 2023 here.

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