A pilot project about communicating music that must not be forgotten.

Denmark is about to lose a unique treasure – a significant part of Danish cultural heritage.

Ever since the composers Gunner Møller Pedersen (1943) and Fuzzy (1939-2022) made avant-garde electronic music popular and relevant to a wide audience 50 years ago with the legendary “MUSICZAG” concerts with live electronic music in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, they have both worked with spatial sound and music as an essential part of their artistic métier.

Unfortunately, Fuzzy is no longer with us, whereas Gunner Møller Pedersen is still active. For both of them, a new future must be found for their work archives and unique collections of studio equipment and instruments.
With the Lydskatten initiative, the composers – in collaboration with the music institutions Strøm, Art Music Denmark, Dansk Komponistforening – set the stage for securing this future. An initiative that works to save, future-proof and disseminate their archives and collections. This happens i.a. by digitising the composers’ extensive work archives as well as by making their instruments and musical equipment available to new generations and through a series of events and activities ensuring that archives etc. will be activated and used in the future.

The project is supported by the Augustinus Foundation and KODA-Kultur

Photo: Poul Ib Henriksen.

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