Open Call: Music and mental health – Cases

Have you been involved in a project concerning music/sound and mental health as a musician, composer, producer or otherwise?

Help us to learn more by filling out the form, which we link to below. It’ll only take 10 minutes.

There’s currently a big focus on the role that art and culture can play in order to increase social wellbeing and mental health. Art Music Denmark will investigate and increase the awareness of how music and cross-aesthetic practices, which include sound, can help contribute to the health-related challenges that society faces. In this regard, we are gathering information about music and mental health and would very much like to hear more about projects on this topic.

The ambition is to shed light on concrete activities and to open up for future possibilities. In this context, we will host an open panel discussion on the topic, among other activities. 

Have you been involved in a project, either ongoing or finished, where you’ve been working with aspects of mental health, wellbeing, public health etc., then we’re very interested in hearing more about it. We’re looking for more information about artistic projects, where artistic strategies and a degree of integration with healthcare professionals can vary a lot.

We’d very much like to hear from you, no matter if your project is based on the production of works in a traditional sense (such as compositions for ambulances), artistic work whereby you’ve intervened with an environment (such as a soundscape at a hospital department) or a participant-focused project (such as dialogical or creative activities with a therapeutic purpose).

Send us your project description

Send us a brief description of your project, its motivations and purpose, collaborators as well as results and artistic documentation, which give insight into your project: FORM. The form is in Danish, but you’re more than welcome to respond in English.


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