Five ensembles have been chosen for Musikhuset VÆKST

Foto: Carl-Oscar Østerlind

The ensembles Damkapellet, CRAS, Atlas CPH, Halvcirkel and Hehku Ensemble have been chosen to participate in the project Musikhuset VÆKST.

Musikhuset København and Art Music Denmark are happy to present the five chosen ensembles for the project “Musikhuset VÆKST” (Eng. “The Music House GROWTH”). The purpose of Musikhuset VÆKST is to create a dynamic, enterprising and supportive environment for the ensembles, which lacks rehearsal rooms and a proper place to meet for developing concerts, concepts and host auditions. 

A panel of professional musicians assigned by Musikhuset København and Art Music Denmark has chosen 5 out of the 32 ensembles, which responded to our “call for interest” earlier this year. The underlying idea behind the initiative is to offer ensembles a chance to develop their innovative musical and artistic projects during their residency. The community in Musikhuset shall also invite to collaborate with the other chosen ensembles for the residency as well as the other actors in Musikhuset.

The chosen ensembles are: Damkapellet, CRAS, Atlas CPH, Halvcirkel and Hehku Ensemble.

We are very happy that Det Obelske Familiefond so willingly has decided to support the project, which will play an important role in developing and helping the musical ecosystem.

Musikhuset VÆKST is a collaboration between Musikhuset København and Art Music Denmark.

We look forward to experiencing and showing the musical results, which will follow.

Regin Petersen
Director, Art Music Denmark


Viktor Wennesz

Chairman, Musikhuset København


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