Network of music centers launches report on the status of art music in the Nordic countries

Today, the collaborative network STATUS releases the findings of an investigation into the environment and conditions of contemporary and classical music in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The report underlines the creative energy and circumstances that also challenge the art music and its place in the Nordic countries.

Across all the represented countries, the contemporary and classical music scenes both undergo many exciting changes and face new challenges which call for collaborative solutions. Despite the differences between the five countries, we found that numerous of these challenges and changes occur across the countries in one way or another. Hence we can learn a lot from each other about how to solve different challenges and contribute to a positive development for the musical scenes.

With the report, the STATUS network wants to reach out to music sectors, stakeholders and local leaders in the Nordics. STATUS will follow up on their research with two projects mentioned in the report: The mapping of music organisations in the Nordics and a Nordic conference on the conditions in the Nordic contemporary and classical music sector.

The many cases from the report can inspire agents concerned with art and culture to examine and experiment with new possibilities, which can contribute positively to art music’s condition in the Nordic countries. Thematically, the cases concern questions related to collaborations, structures, audiences, values and productions.

The methodology of the report was developed by the recognised Danish agency Bespoke. You can access the report for free on

STATUS is supported by Augustinus Fonden, The Nordic Culture Fund, The Danish Art Foundation, Signatur and Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation.

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