STATUS-report presented at Nordic Music Days and Music X Media

Photo: Miikka Varila (from Music X Media)

In September, we launched a report with the Nordic network STATUS, which addressed the many opportunities and challenges that influence art music in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. In September and October, we’ve been to Nordic Music Days in Iceland and Music x Media in Finland to talk about the report.

The famous Finish music fair Music X Media took place in Tampere from 28th September to 1th October. Music x Media presents numerous concerts and events during the fair and has a huge and dedicated Finish and international audience. The program was a cornucopia of presentations, which addressed music’s current themes. For example, themes like “Festivals for Sustainable Touring – Activism, greenwashing or the new normal?”,  “Authors and composers in the European music streaming market” and “The Future of Music Radio” were discussed.

STATUS, our Nordic collaboration with Iceland Music Information Center, Unga Tankar om Musik, Music Finland and Music Norway, was also presenting our report on the music fair about art music’s status in the Nordics.

Merja Hottinen from Music Finland and Catherine Lefebvre from Art Music Denmark presented the report on behalf of the group. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion, which consisted of Lasse Lehtonen, researcher at Helsinki University and chief editor for FMQ, Lauri Supponen, composer and Anna Angervo, violinist and producer for Tampere Raw Ensemble.

On 11th October, Art Music Denmark’s project manager Laura Dalgaard Christoffersen also participated in Nordic Music Days, which took place in Reykjavik, Iceland from 11th October to 15th October.

With IMPACT as this year’s theme, the festival focused in particular on music and art in a social, political and ecological context and presented many exciting concerts, workshops and debates.

It was a please to experience the positive reception of the report as well as hearing the different reflections and ideas about STATUS’s work in the future, both in Reykjavik and Tampere.

You can read the report on

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