Lydens Landskab (Landscape of Sound)

Lydens Landskab (Landscape of Sound) seeks to develop a fixed, sound-based art work in a specific public space and is currently accepting idea submissions.

The project emerged out of a close dialogue between Art Music Denmark, the design agency Urgent.Agency, Roskilde local council, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde. From this dialogue, a plan emerged to create a sound-based artwork in Roskilde, specifically the park area near the cycling path “Musiconstien” which connects the centre of Roskilde with the new Musicon district – an area dedicated to creative cultural associations and institutions.

The planned artwork will use sound elements to create a unique experience and establish a sound pathway leading citizens and visitors from the city centre to the Musicon district and back again. The target group are citizens using the area in their daily life – and there is also the hope of attracting tourists and guests to the city with the artwork by enhancing the unique nature of the Musicon district. 

Photo: Urgent.Agency

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