Kunst & Kultur i Balance (Art & Culture in Balance)

“The reason I said what I said, was to show that you can also say no and things will work out anyway” – TV host Sofie Linde to Danish broadcaster DR, after a speech during a comedy gala in 2020 where she shared her experience of harassment as an intern at DR. 

Since 2020, Art Music Denmark has taken on a leading role in the project Kunst & Kultur i Balance (Art & Culture in Balance). In fact, the initiative was kick-started by Art Music Denmark, who together with a small circle of musical genre organisations saw the need to create space for a project in the wake of the global #metoo movement. 

36 cultural organisations are now part of this initiative, with the project now in its third year.

Kunst & Kultur i Balance is a movement across art and cultural life which works with concrete measures to foster behavioural change and prevent harassment – both for individuals and organisations.

As more testimonials emerge of a work culture characterised by structural sexism and abuse of power, #metoo has become a significant conversation within the culture sector.  There is a need for action in order to ensure that the art and culture sectors are a safe and inclusive space to work in, with equal opportunities for all. 

Kunst & Kultur i Balance is a collective resource for the art and cultural sectors, to promote positive behavioural change and develop new ideas and competences within – together with –  and for – organisations, institutions, businesses, individual actors, and other actors in the sector. 

The goal is for diversity, equality and inclusion to be seen as important strengths which must be elevated in order to better reflect the world we all live in. 

Kunst & Kultur i Balance develop initiatives and activities which promote diversity, equality and inclusion within the art and culture industry. Some of the many initiatives and activities led by the project include a hugely successful training course, publishing a Norwegian equality guide “Balancekunst” (Balance in Art) in the Danish language, as well as generating awareness in the media.

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Photo: Kunst & Kultur i Balance

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